At Mepro, we pride ourselves in making technology our key differentiator, and hence, since the beginning, we have heavily invested in R&D. Our core R&D expertise lies in the area of process chemistry, difficult-to-make generics, and analytical development that caters to various formulation design needs and concepts.

Our R&D is ably supported by a strong Intellectual Property team experienced in various dosage forms and global patent laws.

Our R&D is equipped to carry out:

Pre formulation Studies

Pre-formulation studies

Analytical Method Development and Validation

Analytical Method Development and Validation

Process optimization and their pilot-scale batches

Process optimization and their pilot-scale batches

Stability Studies

Stability Studies

Technology Transfer to exhibit/commercial scale manufacturing

Technology Transfer to exhibit commercial scale manufacturing



Safety and Toxicological<br> Studies

Safety and Toxicological Studies

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Formulation Services & Capabilities

  • Optimization of existing formulations by methods like taste masking, drug-layering, lyophilisation, etc.
  • Novel formulations for improved delivery of existing dosage forms of oral, parenteral and topical dosage forms
  • Controlled release, sustained release, modified release, effervescent formulations, and mouth-dissolving formulations