Mepro Pharmaceuticals is in a continuous process to enhance its Domestic and International presence. In India, its prime strategy is to develop new formulations and license them to other companies for marketing.

RoW markets:
Mepro has been filing its own registrations in approximately 18 countries with about 110 licenses already approved and another 65 under approval. We further leverage our position, by licensing our dossiers to other International pharma companies with Mepro's plant registered as the manufacturing site - this business model contributes to other 180 products which are already in the market of various countries.

Regulated Markets:
At its UK, MHRA approved site in Gujarat, Mepro offers complete contract manufacturing services for tablets, capsules and cream/ointments for various clients having marketing authorizations in EU/Australia/Canada.
Understanding the requirements of these stringent regulatory authorities, the quality systems, processes and batch releases are rigorously monitored to offer tailor made solutions for these countries.