Mepro Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd., is a privately owned pharmaceutical company with over 3 decades of experience in manufacturing of tablets, capsules, creams/ointments and sterile Injectables. With a potent combination of state of the art manufacturing facilities, pool of diligent employees and niche products,it is now associated with the best pharmaceutical companies world-wide.

Today Mepro employs over 700 people under its parent company and together has a sales turn-over of over 25 million USD. Under its 3 different manufacturing locations it covers a total of 300,000 sq.ft of constructed area providing products across various therapeutic segments and dosage forms,thereby making it a one-stop destination for its clients. Its stringent GMP compliance is evident from its approvals of UK, MHRA and PIC/S nations besides governing bodies of many other countries.

Keeping quality as the core pillar, Mepro has now emerged amongst the leading companies in innovative research, honouring supply agreements, and regulatory support - a feat reflected by compilation and submission of more than 225 dossiers in various countries. With its presence in over 18 countries, it is now creating an outstanding record of success and growth in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry by building powerful relationships governed by licensing agreements of different natures.